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Amazon AWS


Date when this services were used: 24.12.2019

Hi folks, this time i will blog about my experience deploying my Oracle ADF application into the Amazon AWS Kubernetes.
It's good to know how big the Amazon infrastructure really is , so here is map for current date 24.12.2019 ,

for more information look up on amazon infrastructure site


As you can see there lots of servers which Amazon provide to their clients. 

Let's do then hands on experience:
Read this tutorial about how to deploy docker containers in AWS
Then the first thing which you should do is to create a repository ECR , read the tutorial how to setup ECR.

Further more read the tutorial get started with ECR.

1.   How much does it costs to run the small webapp in the cloud?

The first 12 month its complete free!  WATCH OUT ITS FREE BUT NOT FOR ANY TYPE OF INSTANCE ,  if you select for EC2 other resources and not the micro instance you will be charged for using such powerful instance!

This then FREE!!!


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