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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

Dear visitor of my company Orlovsky Consulting GbR,

Let me introduce myself and explain what you can experience on my official company site:
First I am Oracle certified java programmer and IT specialist in software development.

My background is following:

I am professional and very experienced software developer in particularly Java enterprise and Java Script software development and almost each day I learn new stuff about being a good software developer.
Currently I study computer science at Hagen remote university in part time and I am proud member of German Oracle user group and Software Craftsmanship Community and German community for informatics.

For people who say that all programmers are the same, I kindly disagree with such common opinion.
There exist different types of programmers in the industry, one type are academic and another types are hackers or self-taught.
I consider myself as professional programmer which have seen both sides of different type of programmers and I learned the ways how to think in both paradigms.

What exactly you can gain working with me and my company?
  • I can help you to maintain and develop the software, which you currently developing or maintaining.
  • I would teach your employees about how to deliver fast and with maximum possible quality of code.
  • I make sure that software which you already using is stable and secure.
  • I can help you to figure out, why your current development process failing to meet the deadline.
  • I can help you to develop a plan how to improve your software development cycles, so that you will be able to deliver on time.
  • I can help you to decrease your technical debt in your software project
  • I can help you to create a requirements tech documents, which give you and your developers the unbiased view about the current state and possible future state of your software project.

After that the team of my company tasked with implementing our previously negotiated workplan.

Do you want to know even more about me? 

Great ! Here are further details about me!


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