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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

As software consultant I speak with German companies on daily routine

and I always fascinated by the challenge in the projects and many times I being asked by company owner‘s, why my company Orlovsky Consulting GbR can’t just write code even if the requirement are not formal and or not yet defined or will be defined at the later point.

The idea to write code without proper requirements analysis is very foreign to me and my team and I consider such projects as potential failed projects.

For example in the report of the StandishGroup International you can see following diagrams:

It is obvious, that you need to analyze project before, during and after releasing it!
Furthermore the amount of developers is not essential for success of the software project/s and this statement should not considered as another consultant tricks, but it correspond to what I saw and experienced firsthand!

In the next article i tell you about expectations and problems with right estimate.

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