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Are you interested in workshop and or training about latest and greatest IT technology ?


Let’s speak first about your learning needs, contact us via contact or linkedin and provide further details for contact. Major difference between Orlovsky Consulting GbR services and another workshops by other companies and consultants: We are pragmatic programmer's, tester's, manager's and we think it’s really necessary to teach on practice and with hands on attitude and always bring value to our clients.
This means, that you as client need to set a goal what you really want to achieve in working with Orlovsky Consulting GbR.


  • Do you want to know basics?

  • Do you want to know advance stuff?

  • Do you want to know how to apply the technology in your environment?

  • Do you want to know what to do in your special case?


For example:

  • Preparation for a tech interview's.

  • Bootcamp for readiness to implement for your next project.

  • Getting the deep aspects of the technology which your already using.


Then don't hesitate and request services from
Orlovsky Consulting GbR !


Not convinced?

Watch Java design patterns full course! © Alexander Orlovsky


Java design patterns full workshop

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