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2. How fast your app can be deployed into the  cloud?
Upon registration of new registry , you will see this  documentation.
First you need IBM  tools which is ibm cloud command line program
Sometimes you need to know of your secret key.
Ok now you just need to use it with your docker for push of the image to your private IBM repository or if your initial set up was done right, you can rely on IBM cloud guidance page.

List your namespaces: ibmcloud cr namespace-list
Create namespace : ibmcloud cr namespace-add <my_namespace>
The IBM docu on page where you see you registry, does not specify that you need to make sure that you first select right region and only then you  see the right description, if you don’t use the right region well you will run into problems and docker  will say to you “denied: requested access to the resource is denied” and after spending some hours , you read on page ah region, man why they didn't provided the ui in such way that you can see it immediately?!
So I deployed my docker container image into IBM cloud registry, whats next?
Well I try something different route ;)
First, lets create our Kubernetes on paid and not free cluster, the menu itself not such friendly, because you need to scroll down for specification of the cluster.  Picking a region for free teer kubernetes cluster is somehow a problem , but the support from IBM trough chat was friendly enough and they provided me following link 
 (good tutorial about node port if you consider spending lots of time for configuring it for your free teer kubernetes cluster)

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