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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

10. How secure the cloud environment where you  running your app?

When I created the Kubernetes cluster there was on option activated to encrypt all harddrives, this actually pretty interesting , because many other Cloud providers didn’t provided such option out of the box and yes this option didn't cost anything! I think security is always a multifaceted problem, not only your cloud provider must be secure and reliable with zero faults and 99% availability , but your stuff must be secured , before deploy into production always test, i don't care what managers saying about deadline, if you don't test then watch out"there dragons who will spit fire on you" 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

Summary: Kubernetes Deployment in IBM cloud is possible, but it feels and actually more work then it should be.

In comparison with other cloud providers, the IBM deal with free kubernetes cluster sounds at first glance great,

but then the unexpected "surprise" of disabled load balancermake the whole “game” not fun and I wasn’t able to set up NodePort for exposing public ip of my Kubernetes container.


The web UI itself of IBM Cloud dashboard is ok, but I think IBM should do some additional work for improving it, so that for example:  it would be possible to create free teer kubernetes in all regions and not only by the random selection, sure you can use CLI for that , but this is not pretty and slow downs the productivity of your cloud user.
Major advantage of IBM cloud running Kubernetes would be the costs, because other cloud providers in my experience didn’t hold the initial estimates for the clusters which I have used in the past.
Would I recommend IBM cloud ? 
Its really depends on your requirements: if you a startup company, which needs to be very quick on market, maybe for you Google cloud can be more flexible and best option.
(Hey Google pay me for the advertisement , i mean it with sarcasm ;)

I pretty sure somebody would disagree with my opinion and that’s ok. 
Middlesize and big businesses? Yeah I think this is the case, but I would recommend to people who is responsible for picking the cloud provider, build small version of your app put in container and then try out different Cloud providers and look at my matrix of comparison for cloud providers, if you notice any changes  in experience of cloud providers write comment and  I would gladly update my comparisons,
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