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6. How easy it would be to move the webapp to another cloud provider if you find better prices, which other cloud provider offers you?

If you stay truly to “kubernetes way” , there actually only small amount of work (thinking about secret password for private registry) , but overall if you don’t keep yourself to much dependent on external Azure services , you wouldn’t have any pain to change the cloud provider, having said that switching the cloud provider can be very costly even if you don’t depend too much, but you have a lot of data like petabytes and moving all those bits trough secure vpn tunnel cost not only money but the time and I always say to business you should always pick your cloud provider with common sense and understand, that is a strategic decision which should be taken not lightly.

7. What kind of tools you need to know to be able to deploy into the cloud?

As usual CLI and web console, personally I prefer to use web, yeah some old folks say CLI all the way , but having too much devops work couldn’t be the main goal, my main goal is to be productive and spent less time on administrative site and more on development site, anyway Microsoft done good job with Azure I can recommend it.

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