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So I finally i get to the dashboard!

Please notice, here is the part how to obtain the address of your private azure private registry?!
Go to your registry click on repository and look for box where yourimagename:latest
Now you need to generate a secret key which you can then you must use during the deployment its described on kubernetes  tutorial how to create a password
Without creating this password and using it in kubernetes dashboard , you wont be “allowed” to deploy into kubernetes
In my opinion its not so great to have such granularity, my experience was kind of average,  again learned a new trick how to deploy into kubernetes so the experience was quite great! ;)
AND IT WORKS!!!! , simply  put ! Was it hard for you? For me it took a while to figure it out (like the whole process less then 1 hour).


4. How can you scale resources in the cloud for your application?

I would recommend to use the kubernetes dashboard its very simple and obvious, well
and there in the Azure exist Node Pools feature (in Kubernetes service) and 
using it a lot of fun. ;)

5. Which additional services provide the cloud provider for extending your app?As usual more storage, security stuff, I say there exist enough of feature to expand and monitor your app



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