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2. How fast your app can be deployed into the  cloud?

First look at standard view which you see at your azure home, there I type registry in search input field.
Lets create private registry in Azure

because I don’t have luck with free subscription stuff  I would try to use minimum one, which is “basic sku”.
The registry was created pretty fast, now fun stuff is deployment of my Docker container into the registry.

this what I got before the container deployment.

Now let's look at quick start docu which cool and great and easy accessible, at the azure container registry page.
There, note the access keys and generate password simply by activating the admin user in access key, there you see your credential for working with azure registry.
Here the result of my login which is successful (this actually a proof that its pretty easy to access Microsoft private registry if this admin option activated)

finally my docker image was deployed to private Microsoft azure registry, by the way my docker image only 840 mbs ;)
So how much space left on my container registry then ?

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