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10. How secure the cloud environment where i run my app?

In my opinion security will be a blade with both edges with witch you can cut yourself. ;)
So what did Microsoft in Azure security wise, they offer a lot things like authorization and authentication  and if its not enough you can addadditionally firewall rules.


One thing people should consider security is very flexible domain, you can do outside protection as long as you wish, but you can be owned indirectly trough bugs or exploits in your web application.

In my short time I wasn’t able to do a lot of security wise tests, but I am sure in enterprise environment with enough security specialist it's possible to make very secure Azure based Webapp, security must be maintained on 24x7 base and even then 0 day exploits will be really a danger. Here I can only think about IAM security policies in AWS, which can be very difficult to understand.
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