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Ukraine wins the war  !

USA president Biden did warned Putin not to start the war with Ukraine.
Putin thought, that USA will make war with Russia, but actually Biden warn him about Ukraine and Putin even not thought about that , what an idiot he is.
It is time to tell the world what Orlovsky Consulting GbR doing against Russia!

We constantly nonstop doing cyberwarfare against Russia, many of Russian IT system working not well or actually disabled and we proud to be the spearhead of EU cyber warriors causing such damages to Russia.
At the beginning of the war it was not clear, but I alone took the decision and pledge my support to the movement of IT army of Ukraine.

As of today thanks to EU and USA efforts, Ukraine army is able to push Russian occupation forces out of Ukraine and we Orlovsky Consulting GbR too stand with strong support for Ukraine defense forces.

Russia is big country, but they luck of technology and strategy, intelligence and motivation and it will cause theirs failure in this war.
Russia will fail in war , which would resolved into riots and complete breakage of Russian federation into many small and more open to world parts.


This means there is a lot of work, but from this day forward, Russian occupation forces will never gain “ground” in Ukraine anymore!
In Russia in cyberspace is weak too, theirs servers running on constant high load, they try to region block us, but we have the resources of the “whole world”,  Gazprombank was down for quite a lot of time, other big Russian companies have “breakage” like for many days. Russian hacker groups fails , they attack not important targets , but we do attack only essential and important Russian companies.


How it all ends?

In one year, Russia as country breaks and Russian occupation forces will be destroyed or taken as prisoners of the war in Ukraine.

Will putin try to use nukes?, many so called “experts” overvalue Russian nuclear capability, they are old and only few of them is in working condition, but theirs guiding system is in bad shape, this means they need planes or uboots which can deploy such weapons at direct proximity to a target area, but this is Russia problem, they didn’t modernized theirs deployment units against all propaganda advertisements, so even if  putin try to use those old nuclear "junk" , they will not work as Russia expect and NORAD and NRO and United Space Force will know in advance about nuclear rocket launch from russia.

With riots of Russian people and conflicts in Russian political establishment, putin will be overthrown ,

but it will be to late, most of big regions of Russia will declare independence I even know for the fact , that’s already exist an exile government of independent republic Siberia, which will break loose out of Russia and sever all connections to Moscow, all of this is unavoidable und Putin will not be able to stop it, because even people in FSB don’t believe that it possible to save the Russia from total and complete failure. Putin loosing this war and he get only punishment for  what he done to Ukraine. I blame all Russians who lives in Russia for this war , because they elected this madman it was theirs choice, sure with corrupt system many Russian votes were ignored, but the common Russian don’t  understand how democracy works, they must fight for theirs rights and even sometimes with blood.
They didn’t paid the “debt” and know they must pay the “invoice” with theirs future generations.

Glory to Ukraine!
Ukraine will win this war!

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