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We got hacked!


Really? No we don't get hacked !


Russian hackers are so stupid, they really are , sure they cause some down time, but we at Orlovsky Consulting GbR , see and identify all hack attempts, the value of hacking us actually is 0 , because we don't store on our official business website any sensitive information.

Those russian hackers think, that they caused a major disruption of my company, well folks for you i have bad news: We love redundancy!
Our countermeasures are really, really sophisticated, but thanks for the attention, like in movie hackers i can respond to you like that:

"Thank you for calling ..."


Besides , once again you russian hackers prove , that currently the cyberspace is not safe, if you reading this just to learn what you can do against hacker attacks, then do following

  1. Do constantly monitor your systems
  2. Do intrusion detection systems
  3. Educate your coworkers about security
  4. Do security audits
  5. Test your security , without public or any alarms
  6. Find parts of the systems which and will be hacked
  7. Protect your data, proctect it like it your life depends
  8. Preparedness is all , there is no silver bullet, human is a part of any IT system is a potential vurnerability
  9. Identifiy and block terrorist countries like Russia , Belarus , Afghanistan, Iran and other known to CIA countries.
  10. Security is not only a software or hardware , it's clear mind and common sense and constant surveillance of your systems

 Summary: It was really cool opportunity, together with some Joomla issue, still it was quite of fun, now Orlovsky Consulting GbR use Cloudflare, hehe

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