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2022 so far is really good to me, in spite of all craziness in the world, well let’s begin.
Prepare yourself, because there would be a lot of ton technical information.

Why Joomla! ?


You probably know me for being a Java, C# or even type script with Angular or mobile development with Flutter.

I pick Joomla! , because I unconsciously knew, that I would be very quick and run my business without any additional interruptions, that was my intention, which is true in 2022.

Where I saw Joomla for the first time?
It was really like 4 or 5 years ago at one of my clients, they wanted to switch to java based solution and my responsibility was to implement the solution and do requirements analysis of theirs project state.
To make this story short, after my analysis and going in deep with Joomla!
I suggested to the client to do refactoring first and upgrading to newer template version of Joomla! , it was really great experience one of kind.
Then I continued with my Java projects and done many Java based projects, because I wasn’t ready to see opportunities with Joomla! as businessman. Even back in the past, there were already many web technologies and it was hard to see other solutions.

In 2022 my choice was obvious I pick Joomla with my team and we done some prototyping and decided to do it!

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