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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky: CEO of Orlovsky Consulting GbR

The defensive war of Ukraine against Russia continues!

There a lots of buildings Ukraine destroyed and many , many people are displaced, it is almost impossible to grasp the amount of damage in property, which Ukraine “received” from Russian military.

My company and I decided to offer new services for the German private investors in regards of investing into Ukraine recovery plans.

If you a investor from Germany, don’t hesitate and contact us.

There certain things to consider, before investing into Ukraine:

  • Talking to Ukraine government
  • Talking to Ukraine local business
  • Talking to Ukraine legal representatives
  • Talking to Ukraine banking representatives
  • Understand real value proposition and evaluate the risks
  • Ability to respond to new challenges

Finally, investment into Ukraine is not a non-risk free investment, certainly after the war Ukraine economy will grow, but government in Ukraine changes and new regulations definitely will come, there certain change happening, but private negotiations and the informal meetings take precendence in order to achive the closure of the deals, sometimes i wonder why some laws get bypassed by informal meeting which taking place in Kieve main capitol of Ukraine.

I hope we can work together for better and bright future, but we should stay honest to each other, understand the culture of Ukraine and make the right decisions and take the expected risks.
Rebuilding of Ukraine both profitable and adventageous undertaken!

So let’s do business!

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