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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

So you want to know more about this project ?

This is a opensource platform would revolutionize the way how job seekers manage they data , about where and when the applied at the different companies.

Typical case would be that user generates email with all needed data to apply at particular company and if user allowed to be contacted by other companies, companies can and probably actively see contact with such job seeker.
Sure i have in mind the IT professional, but such platform can be enriched with other feature like different job profile.

So what is the most valuable feature in this platform?

Jobseeker would get a opportunity to stand out from the people who too looking for the job, but don't use such platform.
Finally companies don't need to spend to much time on seeking people via different platforms , because they would  contact a job seeker via such platform and i plan in future to integrate with other big job openings platform's so that there would be more options.

Job seekers must organize theirs data in very structured way
and companies don't spent time on puting the openings in many different platforms and just contact such users via such opensource platform!


Status update of development Job Manager 2020 Angular

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If you interested in participation at the project: github

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Are you investor , or not sure what i mean, not a problem !
Contact my company and we would be able to help you further!

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