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The cyberwar against russia continues!

Orlovsky Consulting GbR successefully attacking and disabling russian IT systems!

I must say, i am impressed by my team and skills which we put to do such cyberwarfare.

Quote from Tass news:

Sberbank fought off huge cyber attack on Russian banking system last week
"We did not stop or suspend any of our services, but the magnitude of the attack allows us to draw the conclusion that without the protection like the one we have, would definitely halt their services, " Deputy CEO Stanislav Kuznetsov said

VLADIVOSTOK, September 2. /TASS/. Russian lending giant Sberbank fought off world's most powerful cyber attack on the Russian banking system last week, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Stanislav Kuznetsov told reporters on the sidelines of the VI Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

"Last week, Sberbank fought off the world's most powerful attack on the financial sector, successfully. We know that these attempts were made against other financial structures in Russia, and some of them had various loss of efficiency," Kuznetsov said. He explained that the results of analytical work showed that the attack originated from several countries. "Our analysts looked into the attack, knowing full well where it originated. A portion of cameras in other countries was hacked, several thousand cameras," Kuznetsov said.

Russians organizations not realizing that they have zero  chances to win the cyberware, my organization have a dedicated high speed hardware both cloud and onpremices via fiber cable type connections, we increasing the attack speed with each attack wave, together with army of ukranian "cyberarmy of Ukraine" we puting any server in russia down.

Each attack wave is better then previous one, with so much attack i think most big russians organizations will be out of business soon and this means even more win for us and Ukraine armed forces!

I dont know what future holds for all of us , but certainly russia will not exist in future most russian IT will soon obsolete and non accessible , they wont be able to serve and google advertisements, this is the end for russian it systems !
I as CEO and my organzation are proud to be in the spearhead attack against russia, together we making sure that russia will not get any funds by using theirs IT systems and we making sure that they are not able to communicate with anyone in and outside of russia!

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