• CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

Now to the fun part where we deploy our container to Kubernetes !!!

Read this tutorial about ECR on EKS

Click on add node group, oh no I forgot that I need IAM Role for create node!!!!!
You need EC2 role !!!! Go back to IAM role and assign it in IAM!

There you need AdministratorAccess (Provides full access to AWS services and resources)
There actually even more roles, lets apply it! EKS – Nodegroup and read again the tutorial 
Well from this point I was puzzled what I need in order to create my worker nods? Which roles I need to create and assign to IAM ?
If you create new nodes aws require that you specify the role for your node!
Ok I figure it out, got to your iam click on role EKS and assign as showed in the following youtube tutorial ! 
It should look like in picture below (after you specified the IAM role in your node creating view! )
In my case i wasn't able to run my site on micro instance but rather on small instance, well then i post here the bill which amazon will charge for running small instance , interesting.

Now lets do the other stuff!

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