• CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

Then configure your aws tools on your local machine, oh gosh and I thought that it will be automatic  like in google cloud lol!

Here is example how to configure your AWS CLI

In one of the steps there is mentioned info for retrieving docker login , so do docker login first! Only then you can push it to registry !
now go back to the ECR  in aws cloud where you did created your repo and click on View push commands, there you will see commands where you actually can see how to push your docker image to aws cloud private registry!
Personally I think AWS as cloud provider should put it in bold and underlined and mentioned that you need after installing CLI on your local machine additionally need to configure aws tools, it was not obvious to me, but still I was able to push my docker container to the repo and I happy about it!
Finally , are you read to deploy it into your AWS EKS cluster ? 

Me too , well then do it!  Click on EKS 
Specify cluster name and click next
It takes in some case more the 15 minutes to spin up the cluster, so do something else during this process.

Oh no , I did not specified the IAM role, well go to the IAM roles, you need EKS role and others ECS, because your Kubernetes will be managing your clusters, now was this so hard ?
Let’s see! Not only you need EKS role, but you need Elastic Container Service
Elastic Container Service Autoscale, how I know about this?  well , if you create your new kubernetes cluster AWS need IAM roles , and without this minimum set up it would not allow to create a Kubernetes cluster.
–Then you need to specify your Subnets, AWS need minimum 2 , so there is no other minimum choice that to use only 2. Don’t  forget to activate your security groups too. Logging, well for my small site I don’t need that, but if you have big project well you should definitely do that.
Then you have tags , so basically, one last thing is to deploy from aws registry the docker container into the EKS. It take a while to spin up those pods …..

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