• CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

But you need to set up a budget in AWS and make sure that no wrong bill will be generated! 
Setting of the budget was pretty easy like for my taste, so there would not be any setup hassle in this regards.

2.  How fast your app can be deployed into the  cloud?

First, you need to create a repository!
1. Go to ECR and simply generate your repo , don’t forget to choose the region where you want to store your docker stuff , in my case it was Europe, in your case it will be other region, the experience can be different.

After that you need to install Amazon command line utilities shortcut as cli to your local workstation, as I said in my previous blogs I use RHEL , so lets install and go trough this AWS tutorial  in order to be able to push docker container into AWS registry!

“You need a red card for opening this door”  some random Doom guy......

For further steps your need to obtain your keys!

Tutorial how to get access to keys!!!

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