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Thank you for your decision for purchasing services from
Orlovsky Consulting GbR!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Entscheidung bei Orlovsky Consulting GbR
die Dienstleistungen zu bestellen!


You are about to proceed with order,
please notice: before you do actual purchase, contact us and discuss with us in a private meeting all possible requrements and terms.

This form only for a preorder the actual confirmation happens when a written contract signed by all involved parties!

Sie sind dabei mit der Bestellung fortzufahren,
bitte beachten Sie , dass Sie vorher mit uns in Kontakt treten, damit alle nowendige Bedienungen und Anforderungen tatsächlich in die Erfüllung gehen würden,

Dieses Formular dient nur als Vorbestellung!


Die tatsächliche Bestellung tritt in die Kraft , erst  wenn tatsächlich ein schriftliches Vertrag von allen teilnehmende Vertragsparteien unterzeichnet wurde!

Here by i order services on behalf of my company or as private person!
I agree on previously negotiated terms of the contract and here by order the services from Orlovsky Consulting GbR!

Hier mit Ich bestelle die Dienstleistungen als Unternehmen oder als Privat Person!
Ich bin einverstanden mit vorherigen vertraglichen Vereinbahrungen und somit reiche eine Bestellung für die Diestleistungen von der Firma: Orlovsky Consulting GbR ein!


Invoice data / Sie füllen notwendige *  Infos für eine Rechnung ein!

First Name / Vorname *Write here your first name / Bitte Ihre Vorname eintragen
15 (Min. 3 Characters)
Last Name / Nachname *Wirte here your last name /Bitte Ihre Nachname eintragen
14 (Min. 3 Characters)
Your email / Ihre E-Mail *
Your City / Ihre Stadt *Provide name of your city / Nenne Sie hier der Stadt wo Sie oder Ihre Firma befindet
27 (Min. 3 Characters)
Your street name / Ihre Straßename *Please put here only corretc values! Bitt hier nur den Name von Ihre Stadt eingeben
18 (Min. 3 Characters)
Strassen Nr. / Street Nr. *Plese provide the number of the street / Bitte hier die Nummer eingebe
0 (Min. 1 Characters)
Your postbox number / Die Postbox Nummer
0 (Min. 5 Characters)
Name of country / Name von der Land *
0 (Min. 3 Characters)
Your company name *Write the name of your company or write that you a private person
Your position / Ihre Position
0 (Min. 3 Characters)
How long your project/s is in development *
0 (Min. 10 Characters)
What kind of technologies are you using in your project/s? *What kind of technologies are you using in your project/s?
0 (Min. 3 Characters)
Do you use any cloud provider technology? *
0 (Min. 3 Characters)
How large your team and organisation? (small, middle, large, very large) *How large your team and organisation?
0 (Min. 4 Characters)
What is a budget for the project? *How much money your company plan to spent on this project?
Which type of workflow your team or company using? *
0 (Min. 4 Characters)
Scrum? Kaban? Waterflow? Agile? *Pick one workflow!
0 (Min. 5 Characters)
For how long do you need help from external company? *For how long do you need help from external company?
0 (Min. 8 Characters)
What your expectations regarding working together with us? *What your expectations regarding working together with us?

Use this contact site
if you have any additional questions,   regarding your order!

Didn't found what you looked for? It would help, otherwise you can leave it .
Specify the date of your request (day.month.year) *Date of this order / Heutiges Datum von der Bestellung
0 (Min. 8 Characters)
  • Desktop?
  • WebApp ?
  • VR/AR? Webservices (Rest/XML)
  • Embedded programming?
  • Only Backend?
  • Only Frontend?

All IT things!

Write here the type of work which your need. *

If you use cloud service , then specify which ones?


GOOGLE, AWS, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, etc...

Write here what type of cloud services you use Write here what type of cloud services you use
Maintenance services for?
0 (Min. 3 Characters)
  1.  Spring Boot
  2. Java EE
  3. Jakarta
  4. Oracle ADF
  5. Java SE 8
  6. Java SE 9
  7. Java SE 10
  8. Java SE 11
  9. Java FX
  10. Unity 3D
  11. C#
  12. Unity3D
  13. Java Script
  14. Vue.JS
  15. Kubernetes
  16. Docker
  17. TypeScript
  18. Angular
  19. Weitere/Further ?!...
Greenfield project services
0 (Min. 2 Characters)
Configration services?
0 (Min. -8 Characters)
Do you need workshops or trainings?
0 (Min. 4 Characters)
If your organization use DB which one?
0 (Min. 2 Characters)
For how long you need our services? *Write here number of days, months or years!
0 (Min. 6 Characters)
Store data from Orlovsky Consulting GbR for days , months, years!
For how long you allow us Orlovsky Consulting GbR to store provided to us data? *
0 (Min. 1 Characters)

Here by i as client of Orlovsky Consulting GbR allow and consent them to bill me or my company
( based on previously negotiated terms) by providing following:

Banking information:

Bank Account holder name of organization. If you private person first and last name.

Bank name: name of the bank where your bank account registered

IBAN: 22 digit number

BIC: 11 digit number


I am aware that if my company or i as individual delay payment that would cuase  additionaly a monthly monetary penalty or even cancelation of the contract
(See your contract terms between your Organization and
Orlovsky Consulting GbR)

Your bank name *Your bank name
0 (Min. 4 Characters)
Your bank IBAN *Your banks IBAN number 22 digits!
0 (Max. 22 Characters)
Your bank BIC *BIC up to 8 - 11 digits
0 (Max. 11 Characters)


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