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  • CEO Alexander Orlovsky:

The course of Jonatan Weinberger provide definitive quality and no I don’t endorsing his work by any means, I just speak from my personal experience, this not a course review but if you ask me how to learn Unity3D:

I say this course is one of the best options which can teach you about Unity3D game development, be aware that you need basic C# programming skills and don’t be afraid to read manual and apis docs of Unity3d 2019 version and try and try and try things out, because for post processing some adjustment from view of a student needed , but it is not big hurtle , because Unity3D have good documentation and overall great community and make sure that you treat this course like real work, it’s very work intensive.
Let’s go back to my main topic, status of my learning of Unity3D, I think,  I have reached the point where I can confidently claim ,

that I can develop Unity3D based game and I delivered the proof and  still there some unknowns about the Unity3D Engine (creating assets and make them look good and importing of fbx from CityEngine ) and how practical it would be to write the game in test driven development, definitely I must go into preproduction mode of developing of my own game and it will take time:

I will use scrum methodology to execute this project:
1. Write stories 
2. Discuss them with team members
3. Create prototypes and show them to the public
4. Gather feedback and prepare pipeline for the milestones
It will be very interesting!

 As always stay tuned, in my next blog I will write some major news about my future game.


Reaching my learning milestone in Unity3D

This was quite enjoiying and fun experience.

This was really cool experience and i learn a lot about Unity 3D engine.

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